Live from Inman Connect NYC

I’m reporting live from New York City at Inman Real Estate Connect. Already, we’ve met some great people, attended some very interesting workshops, and don’t let me get started on this city. We just stepped out of an interview with Craig Newmark, founder and CEO of Craigslist. Craig is forecasting that their site is getting just over 50 million unique visits per month, with over 1 million new listings added per day. Prior to that, Brad Inman had some great insight regarding the state of the economy, and the real estate market for 2010.

I’m taking a short breather before we go back and turn into real bar tenders. That’s right, the Inman crew decided to provide all of the sponsors with beer and wine for happy hour. They claim this will decrease the wait time for a cocktail, however I believe they have ulterior motives. If you happen to be at Connect, please stop by. PlanOmatic is at booth S2, just outside the Westside Ballroom.

The PlanOmatic Booth


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