…and then came John.

We’re back again and it is our pleasure to introduce to you John Putnam, Account Manager and new hire here at the PlanOmatic world-wide headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

John works with clients in Connecticut, New York City, San Francisco and Denver.  Having spent his youth in Saratoga, New York, John graduated from SUNY Oswego with a degree in broadcasting. He subsequently lived in Brooklyn before moving to Denver. Although John is very mild-mannered, he has a background in television production, advertising and software sales.  John enjoys traveling, skiing, golf and spending time exploring all that beautiful Colorado has to offer.  With new advancements each day in the areas of technology, marketing and social media, John is excited to watch the real estate industry grow.

Get to know John a little bit better by watching his video interview.

John Putnam – Interview from PlanOmatic on Vimeo.

One thought on “…and then came John.

  1. Randy aka John's Dad says:

    Good video. Nice to see he got a haircut. Looking forward to his shower song reprise next time he visits home! Great website. You guys look like you’re having fun, which counts when you have a business. Good luck to all of you, to Planomatic, and, of course, to Mrs Putnam’s little boy Johnny Moon! PS Saratoga NY is a great real estate market. All the folks from NYC and NJ have discovered it.

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