Don’t Technologize Me (aka, Love your Buyer).


Technology - Yay!

Real estate news leader Inman reported today that iKenex, a joint venture between DoApp and Concentric Software, will release a smart phone application that will further blur the line between technology and the human element.

The application – built for Sandicor, the San Diego multiple listing service – will allow agents and buyers to interact as if they were standing side by side. Through separate agent-facing and client-facing applications, agents will be able to provide real-time information to clients on any piece of MLS data and clients (who so choose) will be able to provide real-time feedback to agents as they browse properties.

While we here at PlanOmatic are excited about emerging technologies, we’d like to remind our friends that person-to-person agent/buyer interaction remains one of the most crucial elements in closed deals. The makers of the application sight many instances in which this application can be useful – and we agree – technology can play a support role in many unforeseen circumstances. However, technology can sometimes become a crutch in which agents fail to plan well, fail to personally know and understand their clients, and fail to provide a high level of personal service.

In closing, we’d like to offer our congratulations to the developers at iKenex for what promises to be a stellar tool for San Diego area real estate agents. As technology advances and the market evolves, let’s not forget to balance technology and the human touch.

Thoughts? Do you feel like technology is beginning to overtake valuable human interaction? Leave a comment!

One thought on “Don’t Technologize Me (aka, Love your Buyer).

  1. Justin –

    We at iKenex could not with agree more. There is nothing more important than client communication and person-to-person interaction. We found that there is indeed a lot of technology and innovation happening; however often times companies innovate just to innovate.

    When developing our products, we strive to build tools that help our customers strengthen the relationships with their clients and make their jobs easier. The iKenex MobilMLS allows agents to find homes for their clients, but more importantly allows them to share that information and communicate with them more effectively.

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