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Fundamentals Still Work

This afternoon as I was doing my [ever expanding] social media due diligence while eating lunch at my desk, I ran across an article (read it here) on Inman News written by Kris Berg. Phenomenal. Kudos to Kris for succinctly summarizing what I believe has become one of the most disturbing trends in the world of commerce universal: we’re so absorbed by keeping up with the latest social media and technological trends that we forget what got us here – the fundamentals people.

Here at PlanOmatic, we’re engaged in the process of selling real estate every day. In fact, we’re on the technological forefront of selling real estate – Oh gasp! We have the honor of working with some of the top producing agents and most prestigious brokerages across the United States. Our front row seat in the sales process has given us some interesting insight.

For instance, in our experience the old adage still remains true: 20% of agents are going to sell 80% of real estate listings. Typically, these are also the folks putting in 80% – no make that 120% of the hard work to get and market listings. There’s a reason the vast majority of our business comes from top producers. They know [and do] what it takes to sell listings. It’s not rocket surgery, it just takes execution.

Additionally, fundamentals are still important and let’s face it, we’re talking about a pretty intuitive process. Even in a recessionary economy, real estate is being sold; agents that connect with people personally and present their properties in the most appealing manner are successful.

Lastly, technology and social networks enhance – not make – successful businesses. When there’s hard work + fundamentals; when agents connect with people personally and when they deliver a relevant message to a targeted audience then the disciplined use of technology and social media can make a big impact on their business.

I’m sure these observations sound strange coming from the marketing director of a company that maintains a strict focus on new technology including helping real estate agents leverage social media. However, from PlanOmatic’s standpoint technology and social media is not an end in and of itself. They’re a means to an end; a method of delivery. When you really stop to think about it, PlanOmatic’s business is not technology. It’s not on-line real estate marketing. It’s not social media. PlanOmatic’s business is the superior presentation of real property. We make listings more appealing, compelling, and influential to a targeted audience: qualified buyers. Think about it. It’s true and that’s the fundamentals.

So get out there. Connect with someone. Invest in the presentation of your listing, and yes, use – wisely – social media and technological tools.

Thank you Kris for reminding us that it’s not only important to “skate where the puck will be”, but also to take shots in our existing – although imperfect environment. We’ll all do well to remember to balance time proven methods with a healthy, balanced jaunt with innovation.

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