An Honest Website Face-Lift

Justin Meek, Marketing Director

When Justin Meek, Marketing Director, entered my office for his second interview, I asked him a series of questions.  He answered them all with honesty, and without hesitation.  How did I know he was honest? He communicated his opinion regarding the current version of our website. It went something this:

The design is all over the place, the content is scattered and incomplete, the navigation makes no sense, and the call to action isn’t clear enough.

Now, I don’t know if you have ever been put in a situation where a potential new employee marches into your office and starts ripping your website apart. It’s not the most reassuring feeling in the world. It is however startling. Maybe there is something wrong. Maybe this guy has a quality that most people don’t have. Pure, honest opinion and criticism. Regardless, my thoughts went something like:

This is not why I decided to bring on a Marketing Director. Who is this guy, and why is he raising issues where we clearly thought we were ahead of the curve?

Shortly after Justin joined our team, he provided a more in-depth list of suggestions for improving the PlanOmatic Homepage. We just completed the first implementation of our site enhancement. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the outcome.

As we know, when it comes to website copy, wire frame, design and development, you get what you pay for. Initially, we spent a decent chunk of change to build a stellar new website. We hired some of the most respected consultants in the business, and went forward from there. While keeping the core of the site in-tact, we decided on a set of cost-effective enhancements that would make our site simpler, less cluttered, easier to navigate and more aesthetically pleasing. Check out snapshots of the old homepage vs. the new homepage:

Old PlanOmatic Homepage

New PlanOmatic Homepage

In conclusion, I’ve come to realize that my mother was right all along… Honesty is the best policy even in an interview. If you’re honest, your potential employer will respect you. If they don’t, you have no business working for them to begin with.

More specifically, small cost-effective changes can make a HUGE impact as long as they’re the right, well thought out changes. Thank you, Justin, for being honest from day one.  We appreciate the positive impact you have made on our company, and look forward to a long lasting future together.

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