How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)

Kori Covrigaru Loves Taryn

Awwww Cute

That’s right folks. Here at PlanOmatic, we like all sorts of music from Motown classics to Sinatra, and yes, even some 80’s hair metal. However, today we’re feeling particularly James Taylor[ish]. And who can blame us?

After PlanOmatic Chief Executive’s sweetheart dropped by today “just to say hi” (awww, that’s cute), we found this note inadvertently left on his desk. Naturally, we seized the note immediately and declared it fair game for the company blog.

Not only do tender-hearted moments such as these warm the deepest recesses of our hearts, but we also found out that our larger-than-life leader; the captain of industry Kori Covrigaru –  has a middle name!

In all seriousness, we encourage you to give us a call. Today is only further evidence that PlanOmatic is clearly the most loving provider  of  custom real estate photography, online floor plans, and virtual home tours in the world! (See alternate version of the note, done by me).

Kori Loves PlanOmatics Clients

Keeping It Real

Find out more about how much PlanOmatic loves our clients here: PlanOmatic Referral Program
(hint: we’re giving a $50 Visa Gift Card to everyone who refers a new client)

Which version do you like better? Let us know!

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