It’s The Agent Showcase – Come On Down

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Our Agents Are Classy

Here at PlanOmatic, we’re very proud of our agent partners. Our agents are sophisticated, they’re knowledgeable and they work harder than we could have ever imagined on behalf of their clients. In short, we’re convinced that our agents keep it classy.

That’s why we’ve decided to unveil a new initiative here at the PlanOmatic Worldwide Headquarters. It’s called the Agent Showcase. Yes, we know it’s vaguely reminiscent of the glory days of The Price Is Right, but our marketing people tell us its got a nice ring to it and it tested off the charts among females age 75+.

In fact, the directive for the Agent Showcase came straight from the top – PlanOmatic Chief Executive Kori Covrigaru. Each week, Kori will personally interview one of PlanOmatic’s most successful agents. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t Walter Cronkite meets Suzie Q. Agent.

Certainly, the usual fare will be present. However, there’s a definite maybe that things could could range slightly, no strike that – drastically into the absurd. We’ll cover experience, expertise, and areas of specialization; thoughts on market trends, perhaps even some dialogue on recent legislation pertaining to the real estate industry. But don’t be surprised to find questions like “What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?”, “If a fly looses its wings, is it called a walk?” or “Why do you suppose we drive on Parkways and park in Driveways?”

Basically, you simply can’t afford to miss PlanOmatic’s Agent Showcase. So, come on down. Stay tuned in. The first episode of the Agent Showcase is on its way.

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