A Match Made In Heaven

PlanOmatic and The Higgins Group

A Match Made In Heaven

Well actually, it was a match made in Connecticut, but who can argue? Vintage lighthouses, a pristine seashore, and all the fresh lobster one could ever hope for. In a word, heaven.

Today, PlanOmatic, in conjunction with The Higgins Group, a market leader in New England real property announced the culmination of a deal that provides enhanced access to real estate marketing tools to the hundreds of dedicated agents in that brokerage.

The deal will provide significant discounts to Higgins agents on products ranging from online marketing presentation and 3D virtual furniture planners to iPhone applications for real estate marketing.

The economic environment of the past two years has dictated that firms evolve or die. Those firms who have proven themselves innovative and prudent will come out stronger.

PlanOmatic’s core business is built around the real estate agent, and that remains true today. Service to agents on a personalized, individual level has been our salvation, allowing PlanOmatic not only to survive but flourish.

As part of the corporate strategy for FY 2010, PlanOmatic identified several opportunities to capitalize on the strength of our reputation and forge relationships at the brokerage-level with organizations who’s culture and passion mirror that of PlanOmatic.

As such, it is with great pleasure that PlanOmatic announces the partnership with The Higgins Group and welcomes the firm as newest brokerage-level member of the PlanOmatic family. “We’re looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.” said Aaron Rose, Vice President of Corporate Accounts for PlanOmatic.

The tour below showcases a Higgins Property:

If you’d like more details on the deal you can find the full text of a joint press release here. The Higgins GRoup can be found here. For more information on partnership opportunities with PlanOmatic, please contact:

Aaron Rose
Vice President of Corporate Accounts

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