A Real Estate Photo Is Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Quality of photography is a very subjective matter.  One can point to certain standards in the photography industry but, in essence, everyone has their own opinion of what makes a photo great.  In real estate, the definition of “high quality photography” can vary depending on what a certain agent or buyer is looking for.

One thing that we can bank on when it comes to good real estate photography is this: it showcases the home in the best way possible.

Consider some real estate listings you’ve come across.  Was the entire house photographed?  Did you get a good “feeling” of the home?  Was there good lighting in the photos?  Did the listing even have photos?

A quick online search will yield a plethora of articles and blogs dedicated to the terrible photography of real estate, like this one: http://badrealestatephotos.tumblr.com

This is currently a hot topic because quality photos are something that buyers are seeking and agents want to provide.  They help to market listings better and they help to showcase a property better.  Ultimately, high quality photography is a better marketing tool–not just for the listing, but also for an agent’s brand.

Consider the aforementioned blog of real estate photos and then take a look at these examples:

Photo credit: Rob Staub

Photo credit: Bob Grusczynski

Photo credit: Bob Grusczynski

You might notice just a bit of a difference.

As an agent, investing in a listing’s photos will show homeowners that you’re driven to work hard for them, pull your resources, and provide the best experience in selling a homeowner’s most important asset.

So, to all the agents out there: are you marketing your listings well?  Are you investing in your listing the way the sellers invested in their home?  Have you invested in your career by branding yourself professionally and providing every seller with a positive experience?

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