Selfie: Our Modern Day Self Portrait

Megan's super cool selfie

We’ve been saying this word a lot around here lately. You know what a selfie is….right?

“Selfie” was Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 Word of the Year, so our guess is you have at least heard of it before.

If your memory needs a jog, here’s my visual aid  →

PlanOmatic has taken the concept of the selfie and made it our own.

Right now, five of our reps are in New York City for the Inman Connect conference, and they took our #planoselfie campaign with them. What did we do with it? We created a game out of it and put it on everyone’s badge! Upwards of 2,000 tech experts and real estate professionals are wearing our design around their neck for 3 days straight.

It’s amazing to say the least.

The campaign is a success and attendees are tweeting their photos along with “#planoselfie” for a chance to an iPad Mini! It’s really fun to watch all the Twitter action.

We’re stoked about this campaign and we hope to take it with us to other events down the road. Check out the Inman Connect badges below.

Photos courtesy of Aaron Rose and our friends at Lila Delman



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