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Recently, PlanOmatic announced our partnership with the lovely people over at Onvedeo and we couldn’t be more excited.

Onvedeo Website

Onvedeo and PlanOmatic are bringing agents the PlanoMotion video, a listing video that showcases our beautiful photography while highlighting the features that potential buyers are anxious to know about.  What are the schools like in the neighborhood?  How easy is it to walk from my home to local hot spots?  Are there features of the home that photography can’t capture?

There is no longer a need to dig through the internet for hours seeking information about your potential neighborhood—PlanoMotion takes care of that for you.  While our PhotoPlan is an interactive experience, PlanoMotion gives you all the information you desire with just the click of the play button, making it a simple hands-off experience.

Can’t wait to see what PlanoMotion is all about?  Check out one of our examples here!

PlanoMotion details of listing

PlanoMotion highlights the important features of the home that photography can’t always capture.

PlanoMotion Local School Details

Curious about what the community has to offer? Let PlanoMotion show you.

Read the full press release about PlanoMotion and our partnership with Onvedeo here.

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