Setting The Stage – Virtually!

Just because the New Year is drawing closer by the second doesn’t mean we’ve hung up our 2014 hats just yet. In fact, we think it’s the perfect time for an end-of-year finale!

With that, we are incredibly excited to introduce PlanOmatic’s newest marketing service: Virtual Staging.

Virtual Staging is an ideal tool for real estate agents to market vacant or unfurnished homes in an inventive way–but you’ve never seen it like this. Our team digitally embellishes photography of a home’s vacant rooms with furniture, lighting and shadow, and interior decor. The seamless result is so true-to-life, you may not know the difference.

Take this photo for instance:

Virtual Staging by PlanOmatic - Staged Room

Beautiful photo. Cozy, warm, inviting. It makes you want to pour a glass of wine and grab a book.

That same photo is downright spectacular when you compare it to the original:

Virtual Staging by PlanOmatic - Vacant Room

Notice how the look and feel of the entire room is remarkably enhanced after we added colorful walls, live fire to the fireplace, area rugs, and accents. We’re not just dealing with couches and chairs, here.

Here’s another great comparison:

Virtual Staging by PlanOmatic - Vacant Room Virtual Staging by PlanOmatic - Staged Room

Only an interior designer, a healthy budget, and a leisurely timeline could match our level of customized, professional staging. We’re positively giddy about this new product, but we’re even more thrilled about the feedback from all of our ecstatic clients.

Want to see more? We thought so. Check out other Virtual Staging examples on our website.

3 thoughts on “Setting The Stage – Virtually!

  1. Hi Kori,

    This is incredible. And I must say I absolutely love your business, and it’s online presence/design. I’d love to talk to you sometime about Planomatic, yourself and your journey if you ever get the chance!

    Have a good 2015,

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