O Hello There: Introducing PlanOmatic’s Newest Division!


PlanOmatic has big plans slated for 2015 as the company continues to grow [cue the suspenseful overture] and our first initiative in this expansion is to broaden our capabilities. By tapping into the skill, talent and passion of the photographers you work with daily we’re excited to introduce an event photography division called O Hello Media, specializing in experiential marketing.

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OK we get it, most of you reading this are in the real estate industry and the only thing you may have taken away from that last sentence was that you dig the name of our new division (thanks, we like it too!).  Without going into too much detail, experiential marketing is a means of marketing within an event-type setting wherein consumers interact with a brand and/or product in an innovative manner.  The end goal is an emotional response and lasting connection to that brand or product to influence the consumer at point of purchase.

Photography, as you know, is designed to elicit and capture the emotion in the subject – whether a home, face, landscape or event – it creates a lasting image that communicates something meaningful to the viewer.  Capturing photographic content specific to experiential marketing allows our clients to transfer the emotion experienced by attendees at the event onto a larger consumer base who may have not been present for the actual interaction.


O Hello Media is designed to connect our event producing clients with a photographer (or what we refer to as: a story-teller who communicates through a lens). Our leader behind the charge is Taryn Covrigaru, who launched O Hello Media following a career as an Account Manager and Associate Strategist at experiential agency, match action.  “We’re not just in the business of connecting clients with the right photographer,” Covrigaru says, “but also offering services around the photography that cater to the needs of the industry.”

We’re excited about this new venture and will keep you posted as we continue to open up the aperture on our capabilities.  In the meantime, check out the amazing work we’ve done to date.

Should you be interested in learning more about O Hello Media and our services, please Say Hello!

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