Selling a Millennial


As much as I’d like to say that I know my stuff about the highly saturated real estate industry, the truth is, I am indeed no expert on the subject. In fact, prior to PlanOmatic I had no idea how much manpower goes into the process of selling a property. Nonetheless, I will say that I am rather fascinated by the inner-workings of it all and during my time at PlanOmatic, I’ve had the pleasure to get a mere glimpse at real estate marketing – behind the scenes! I have only begun to scratch the surface of it all. Having almost completed my undergraduate and experiencing my fair share of renting, I’d like to think that I have a pretty good sense of what the younger crowd today is looking for when it comes to seeking the perfect *temporary, of course* place of residence. Allow me to walk you through the mentality of a college gal on the hunt for the ideal spot to call home, for now.

Let’s take it from the top. Suppose my six month lease is about to come to an end and it’s time to start the ever-trying search for the perfect abode. Naturally, the first place I head to is the internet where I likely can obtain speedy, suitable results upon my search. When relying on the internet to have my best interest in mind there tends to be a few drawbacks, like the fact that I am sincerely banking on the idea that the pictures in which are representing the space are not dramatically glorifying its truth. Aside from that, this isn’t such a bad thing, in fact, I take delight in the idea of dictating all of my options at the click of a mouse or tap of my thumb, rather. Now keep in mind that folks in their 20’s opt to rent for many reasons, i.e. potentially relocating for a job, or simply the desire to be self-established before committing to the responsibility of home ownership. In any event, when exploring potential homes and listings there are routinely three things that are essential for me, those being; two or more bathrooms, close proximity to the Light Rail, and designated parking! If a listing does not include one of the features listed, I will simply move on to the next. Perhaps it’s safe to say that we, as either agents, buyers and even renters all have our “thing”, you know, that specific component or element to a home or apartment that we refuse to sacrifice for the simple reason of being comfortable.

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Let’s talk bathrooms, one of the most important rooms, if not the most important in a home. It’s essential to me that I have a separate one for guests and company to use, in addition to a personal one. No matter how big or small my square footage is, this is something I consistently seek. This leads me to my next point, a high-resolution photo can go a very long way, especially of a toilet. Take it from me, one lousy photo of a bathroom and game over!


Now, as a city girl I’ve become accustomed to getting around by either foot, or public transportation. So, it is necessary that I live within a fair distance to Denver’s version of the subway, otherwise known as the Light Rail. This is actually a pretty common request amongst those who commute for work, if it eliminates the headache of having to sit in traffic and save on fuel, count me in! Thus, bringing me to express the importance of including an aerial map with a listing. As a potential tenant, having the convenience of inspecting the surrounding area will likely score some major brownie points.


The final element I seek out is parking. Sounds pretty standard, right? Unfortunately, parking is actually a rather costly requirement or request as not many urban apartments come with this (at least not by having to cough up an arm or leg). In my humble opinion, parking very is worth the price tag and I’m willing to shell out a few extra dollars for it for the simple reason of safety, which in reality one cannot put a price tag on. As a Colorado native I strongly believe that the occasional mountain getaway is good for the soul, so it goes without saying that having a safe place to keep my vehicle for those spontaneous trips up to the peaks is high on the priority list.

As a rookie to the world of real estate I have a lot of learning to do, but what I can tell you is that as a buyer OR renter it’s okay to set standards when it comes to looking for a home. After all, home’s where we spend a majority of our time, it’s our oasis so to speak and agents, remember that it’s the little things that mean the most. So, how does one find the perfect home, you ask? It’s simple, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want *within reason* and refuse to settle for anything less. Happy house hunting and good luck!


– Sydney Crowell, Marketing Coordinator


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